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Visual Sciences / Optical Systems Engineering
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Brandenburg University
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Welcome to the MRVISION Photonics Group.

Photons, the elementary particles of light, are a powerful tool that can be used to precisely create, manipulate and shape objects. In a similar way, we can visualize processes and study materials with high temporal and spatial resolution in a non-invasive fashion. Our group focuses on the development of photonic systems that are inspired by current challenges. This work includes technology research, theoretical modelling as well as hard- and software development.

Current Interests

Xolography - Volumetric 3D printing
In cooperation with Hechtlab and Xolo GmbH we invented a novel technology for volumetric 3D printing. Details can be found in our Nature paper. Our group is involved in the optical design and development of the printing system. Read more.
Computer generated holography (CGH)
The algorithms for CGH generation are well developed. We focus on implementing CGHs for display and printing applications utilizing spatial light modulators. Read more.

Retina Image Analysis
We use classical and deep learning image analysis techniques to classify and analyse the blood vessel structure of the retina. We aim to identify pathological and fitness-related changes.