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The MRVISION award is a special prize for the German youth science competition ("Jugend forscht"). The main goal is to promote young students interested in natural sciences. We are supporting them in developing own ideas and setting up development projects besides the classical pathways.


Lukas Eitner & Edgar Bennemann & Björn Rathgeber
PROJECT: The coolest air conditioner in the world - Development of an adabatic cooling system.
"The aim of the work is the development of a more environmentally friendly cooling system using the evaporation of water. Commercial air conditioners use refrigerants such as propane and require a lot of energy for their compression. Water already evaporates at room temperature. This would be more energy efficient, cheaper, safer, quieter and therefore from our point of view more environmentally friendly. Similar cooling devices already exist on the market, however, evaporated water increases the humidity. In our system we therefore want to separate the air with the evaporated water from the air to be cooled. To investigate this problem, we developed a prototype and characterized its performance.


Alexander Csaba Baumgarten & Anna-Yaroslava Bodnar
PROJECT: Indicator for the qualitative analysis of aluminium ions.
"We focus on the determination of the aluminium concentration in food. Our aim is the development of an aluminium indicator, which differentiates aluminium concentration. We have tried to use computational methods to facilitate and exclude as much laboratory work as possible by simulating resulting colors. The basis of our computational method is our theory that it is possible with a handful of spectra as an input to calculate all resulting spectra which can be transformed into colors."


Benedict Brouwer
PROJECT: Construction of a measuring device for measuring the breath excursion of the abdominal breathing and processing of the data.
"Optimal abdominal breathing is helpful in many areas of life, be it when playing Wind instruments while singing or diving. Abdominal breathing also helps relax and relieve stress. However, there is still no easy way to measure abdominal breathing. For this purpose I developed a wearable with a resistance-changing rubber band, which measures the abdominal breathing."


Johann Elias Stoetzer and Lucca Fechner
PROJECT: Modular Support Keyboard
"People with reduced mobility, e.g. through spasticity paralysis has big  problems communicating or communicating to deal with a "normal" keyboard and mouse. In our project we develop a modular keyboard to type the tokens optionally with large, robust buttons, a joystick or even by eye movements. As our development turns out to be a USB keyboard, it is compatible with all computers, the one USB connection. We are working on a very simple, customizable and cost effective solution that uses standard parts which are easily available in most countries. "