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Photonics and Optical Technologies
Research Group

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Technical University of Applied Science Wildau
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15745 Wildau

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The following lectures including exercises and laboratory tutorials support the Optometry and Optical Device Engineering (AOG) Bachelor course of studies at TH Brandenburg and the Photonics Master course offered jointly by TH Wildau and TH Brandenburg. Pdf lecture slides and tutorials are available on moodle.

Thermodynamics & Statistics (Photonics Master, 3nd Semester)

Imaging Methods (Photonics Master, 2nd Semester) 

Digital Image Processing (Bachelor, 5rd Semester)

Introduction to Python (Bachelor, 4rd Semester)

Optical Device Technologies I (Bachelor, 3rd Semester)

Physics II (Bachelor, 2nd Semester) 

Physics I (Bachelor, 1st Semester) 

Portray of the Photonics Master at TH Brandenburg: